By applying for Bijou Market, vendors accept the following terms:

BOOTH REQUIREMENTS: The size of a standard Bijou Market booth is the width and length of a folding table or 6’x 3’ — use of vertical space is encouraged! Legally, we must have wheelchair access (and stroller access and the general flow of traffic) and established aisle widths. We do our best to make accommodations for bigger booths, please email us for more information or note it in your application.

Because of space constraints we do not factor space for vendors to man their booths. If your product needs detailed instructions or on-site assistance, please let us know and we can make arrangements.

If you have any questions on how to create the best booth set-up to promote sales, maintain organization, grab attention, or how to best appeal to our special demographic of shoppers — email us, we are happy to advise!

WHAT TO BRING: Vendors are responsible for any set-up items like tables, racks, tablecloths, mirrors, lighting, extension cords, décor, etc. Access to electricity, wall space, or double sided space is available upon request.

TAGGING: Vendors must have a tag on each item they intend to sell with the price, small description and vendor ID This information needs to be easily legible and firmly attached. Toward the start of the market we will have a form for you to fill out for our checkout system.

PAYMENT + TAXES: We mail checks 7-10 business days after the market. You will receive a list of your sales via email a few days after the market, with a given window of time for resolutions, and then we will mail the checks out. The resolution period is typically 2 days and once that window closes, resolutions are closed as well. Because Bijou Market technically consigns your items — selling them on your behalf and taking a percentage — we also pay all sales tax. Income tax is at the vendors’ discretion and unaffiliated with Bijou Market.

SHOPPING + CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: We provide a central check-out for all vendors. We accept cash, check, and all major credit card payments. You will receive a spreadsheet of your items sold, and we are as accurate as possible with this. You can assist us in accuracy by clearly marking your items with the price, small descriptions and assigned vendor ID. Bijou Market provides restroom facilities, baskets for shopping, and bags for purchases. We will tidy booths and return go-backs throughout the event. You are welcome to come and go as you wish to do any restocking you see fit and we do our best to alert vendors on low merchandise via text. Legally we must allow returns and exchanges but do so only with a receipt from that market and during that weekend’s hours only.

SET-UP + TAKE-DOWN is mandatory and you must be at the announced location 2 hours prior to the start-time of the event. All set-up must be completed thirty minutes prior to the event start time. If you need less than 2 hours, please still come at the designated time and you are welcome to leave as soon as you finish. Take down is also mandatory at the scheduled end-time of the event. Setting up or taking down during shopping hours is a danger to shoppers and prohibited.

FEES: The initial space reservation fee is due one week after you are accepted. For an indoor two-day event the fee is $100 — $50.00 will be refunded with your check after the market. This fee includes a 6' x 3’ booth space, fees increase depending on approved booth size. Kid’s booths (under 18) are free, but will incur the second fee. The second fee is 18% of all vendor sales (updated 7.12.14) which will be taken out of each vendor’s final sales total. The space reservation fee is your way of holding your spot and showing you're committed to being a vendor. It also assists us in paying for upfront costs mostly for location and advertising. You can pay booth fees by mailing a cash or check payment, Venmo or PayPal instructions will be sent in our Welcome Email.

We cannot stress the importance of committed vendors enough. You have until 1 month before the event to drop-out with no penalty. Once you are within the 1 month range, all fees are non-refundable for withdrawals after that point, which includes your credit submission for Bijou marketing.

VOLUNTEERING positions are available in exchange for the reservation fee, but sign-up times are limited and first come, first serve. We will reimburse your booth fee after the market. See the application to opt-in and sign-ups are sent a week or so before the market.

VENDOR ID: The space reservation fee includes the processing and payment for one vendor ID. If you choose to share your space, any additional vendor IDs are $10.00 each. If you have an ID you would like to request, note it in your application and it will be assigned once the fee is paid. Ideal IDs have a letter and number i.e. “B15.” and should be easily differentiated from the small descriptions and price.

EXTRA FEES + PENALTIES may be incurred for the following reasons:

1. If a significant amount (5+) of your items come through the check-out with incorrect or missing tagging, $20 will be removed from your final sales total.

2. Using larger dimensions than 6'x3' space without authorization. This includes your stand’s legs. Please ensure you are working this out with us ahead of time!

3. You have 30 minutes after the show's end to begin taking down your booth. A $20 late fee will be taken from your final total if you are passed that time.

4. Any remaining go-backs from take down will be at our office or you can pay to have them shipped back to you!

5. Vendor checks are mailed unless other arrangements are made. We will verify your address before mailing, but if a check is lost or needs to be canceled for any reason, the vendor is responsible for the $25 stop check fee issued by Bijou Market’s bank, UCCU.

6. A non-refundable booth fee for dropping out within a month of the market. The vendor will also be responsible for the marketing credit the applied with and if applicable, getting giveaway items to the winner. 

SECURITY: Legally we cannot insure your property, but there are Business Owner's Policies and then a blanket coverage for your Business Persona Property that will cover your items while traveling and not in your registered place of business. Bijou Market, LLC and its members are not liable for damaged, lost or stolen items. If you witness suspicious behavior, to protect yourself, please let Emily or Rashelle know. We take security very seriously and measures are taken both during and after business hours.

ACCOUNTING: To assist us in the most accurate and organized sales calculation we will send you a spreadsheet to fill out of the "small descriptions" used for your items and their prices. Please note this is not an Inventory List, merely descriptions to aid our checkout workers. The list will be imported into our Point of Sale (we use Square) and then exported and emailed to you to help account for sales post-event as well.

ADVERTISING: We put a list of all vendors’ shop links on our site for each market season. We do select vendor spotlights on our Instagram and Facebook in exchange for a shop credit - which is a minimum of $20. This is voluntary and you can opt-in on our application. These credits are used for a myriad of marketing purposes both publicly and behind the scenes at Bijou Market’s discretion. Our marketing goals are first and foremost to get shoppers to the market itself, and second to help bring new faces to vendors’ individual shops online. Our methods change and adapt to marketing trends in addition to tried and true methods of our 10+ years running Bijou Market.

Have more questions? Head to our FAQ page HERE.

updated 4.22.19